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Learn best practices that have worked for thousands of other Udemy instructors. From setting up your home studio to troubleshooting audio issues, here are resources to get you started.

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  • Choose your course topic

    To create a successful Udemy course, you first need to decide what you’ll teach. When choosing your topic, it can be important to know what students are most interested in. This article will help you choose a topic for your course according to your interest and student demand. Check your topic’s demand and...

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  • Define your audience and objectives

    After you’ve decided what to teach, you’ll need to decide who exactly you’re creating your course for. You’ll need to determine the motivations of your future students, and what outcomes you want to give them. This article will guide you through that process. Don’t teach for “everyone” Courses created...

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  • Outline your course

    To create a successful course efficiently and effectively, structure your course based on your course goals. Plan out how and what you’ll cover in each section and lecture of your course. Generally, each section should map to one specific skill you’re teaching. While mapping your outline, think about the format...

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  • Plan your practice activities

    Practice activities can be anything that makes a student apply their learning. That way you can prepare your students better on how to apply their knowledge in the real-world. Include at least one practice activity per section. Practice activities aren’t required for Udemy courses, but can result in higher student...

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  • Set up your filming studio

    Setting up your filming studio correctly is essential to helping your students have good experiences with your courses. Students need to be able to see and hear your video without distractions like buzzes, pops, or a shaky camera. The good news is that you don’t need a professional studio to create your course. This...

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