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To create a successful Udemy course, you first need to decide what you’ll teach. When choosing your topic, it can be important to know what students are most interested in. This article will help you choose a topic for your course according to your interest and student demand.

Check your topic’s demand and competition

When choosing what to teach on Udemy, pick a topic you’re experienced in and are genuinely excited about. But for many of us, there could be a handful of topics that we could teach. So how do you make a choice? One way is to factor in the topic’s relative demand and competition by visiting our Marketplace Insights tool.

Marketplace Insights is a searchable page on your instructor dashboard that shows you data on student demand, search volume, and revenue for a particular topic to help you decide what course to teach next. After you’ve entered a topic, you’ll see a high level summary of the data and a suggested strategy to get you on a path to succeed.

Here’s a brief explanation of what our recommendations mean:

This topic is a great opportunity. Student demand is high for this topic but the number of courses available is low, which makes it a great opportunity to create a course on this topic.

Aim for high ratings to succeed in this topic. For maximum impact in this topic area, make sure your course stands out from others with high ratings from students. Submit a Test Video to make sure you’ll exceed student expectations in audio/video production and your teaching delivery. Strive to meet or surpass all the recommended items on our Course Quality Checklist.

Have a marketing strategy to succeed in this topic. To compete among the top courses in this topic area you’ll need to implement effective marketing strategies. For example, get the word out on your Facebook page or other social media platforms and start building a presence on YouTube–even a few hundred subscribers can make a big difference. Learn more about marketing strategies.

Differentiate your course to succeed in this topic. Although there might be a lot of courses in this topic area, still you can think about how you can make your course stand out from the rest. There are many ways to approach each topic and we have students who appreciate unique perspectives that are relevant to them. So focus on your true specialty within this broader topic area.

Bring your “A” game to succeed in this topic. Student demand and course availability are both high for this subject. So you’ll need to do all of the above and more to become one of the top instructors on this topic. This means you’ll need high ratings from the students, a smart marketing strategy, and a well-differentiated topic in this area of specialization.

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